8-3-2013 Champion Pie Baker!

This was a special day for three of the best pie bakers in and around Georgetown and Lexington, Ky. Points have been accumulating since the first contest in Feb. 2013 each month through July 4, 2013, and the winners are First place: Barbara Harper-Bach, Lexington,...

Top Award Winner Cookbook!

“The Pat-A-Cake Clinic” big baking book won all the top awards at the 2013 National Printers Indus tires of the South convention with Harp Enterprise taking home the honors for their printing.

Best Seller!

“The Derby Party Cooking Clinic” is a best seller at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Lexington, Spring 2013.    

1st Place Winner Spiced June-Apple Pie – June 26, 2013

Spiced June-Apple Slab Pie, just delicious..four pie crusts on a sheet pan, two under and two over a condensed apple and spice filling. An apple jelly glaze is drizzled over the cooled pie. First place at Red State Barbecue Fruit Pie contest June 26, 2013.