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The Holiday Sampler: A Seasonal Sampler

It's official, we have just completed the cover to my new cookbook, available NOW, just in time for holiday celebrations and special events for the whole year and every year after this. "The Holiday Hostess Cooking Clinic, A Seasonal Sampler" will include menus and recipes for each month's holidays and special occasions, including photos and illustrations galore. Around 300 pages. $38.00. BUY NOW!

1st Place Winner Spiced June-Apple Pie – June 26, 2013

Spiced June-Apple Slab Pie, just delicious..four pie crusts on a sheet pan, two under and two over a condensed apple and spice filling. An apple jelly glaze is drizzled over the cooled pie. First place at Red State Barbecue Fruit Pie contest June 26, 2013.
1st Place Winner June 26, 2013