Ada Martin’s Mom Lucille Petot ’40s Tomato Soup Cake 146
Amish Apricot Pie with a Twist 112
Apricot Jello Salad ’70s 64
Asparagus Souffle for Derby Day ’60s 41
Aunt Anna’s Barbeque Chicken 10


Baked Potatoes with Cheese Sauce ’50s 48
Barbara’s Wild Yeast Wheat Bread 2007                             170
Black Cow ’40s 132
Burger Sauce ’60s 84


Casey Mozer’s mom, Billie May’s ’80s Rum Cake 158
Cheese Straws ’50s 141
Chicken a’la King ’40s 9
Chicken and Dumplings (the best) 6
Chili Sauce ’40s 149
Chip Dip ’50s 136
Chunky Chili ’70s 88
City Chicken ’40s 4
Country Ham ’40s 30
Cranberry Jelly (sauce) ’40s 18


Daddy’s Deviled Eggs ’42 72
Delmonico T-Bone Steaks & Cheesy Potato Casserole ’40s 38


Easy Dill Pickles, Mom’s Recipe ’40s 94
Emily Rogers’ mom, Lisa Rogers, ’90s Chicken Pot Pie 161


Fried Green Tomatoes 44
Fudge on the Bottom Cake ’40s 104


Good Momma’s Biscuits ’60s 142
Good Momma’s Cornbread ’50s 144
Grandmother Hardesty’s Banana Cake ’40s 98
Grandmother Hardesty’s Stewed Chicken & Dressing ’40s 17
Grandmother’s Red Beet Eggs ’40s 74


Hamburgers a’la 26


Ice Box Peach Pie ’50s (award-winning pie) 102
Iron Skillet Corn Bread ’60s 79


Lemon Ice Box Pie ’40s 110
Leslie Rhode’s Grandmother’s Corn Cakes ’40s 152
Leslie Rhode’s Mom, Betty’s, Italian Spaghetti ’60s 150
Lillian’s Olive Nut ’50’s 156


Ma and Nanny’s Chow Chow ’40s 92
Ma Harper and Nanny’s Divinity ’40s 122
Ma Harper’s A1A Turkey with Orange Blossom Stuffing ’50s 20
Ma Harper’s Hawaiian Fruit Pies ’50s 106
Ma Harper’s Pimiento Cheese Macaroni Loaf ’40s 52
Ma Harper’s Roman Holiday ’50s 24
Ma’s Holiday Lima Bean Casserole ’40s 54
Ma’s Macaroni Salad ’65 58
Momma’s Twenty-Four Hour Fruit Salad ’50s 62
Mom’s Garlic Cheese Grits ’60s  56 
Mom’s Grape Jelly ’50s 96
Mom’s Old Ashland Club Sandwich Sauce ’40s 82
Mom’s Pimiento Cheese Sandwiches ’40s 80
Mom’s Stuffed Peppers ’50s 12
Mom’s Sweet Tea ’40s 130
Mother’s Day Creamy Strawberry Salad ’80s 68
Mother’s Rice Pudding ’40s 100
Mother’s Salmon/Chicken Croquettes & Creamed Pea Sauce ’40s 35
Mother’s Victory Garden Vegetable Soup ’40s 86


Nanny’s Butter Bean Soup ’40s 90
Nanny’s Ham Slice ’40s 28
Neil Sulier’s mom, Irene Sulier, ’40s Almond Meringue Cookies 166
Nuts and Bolts ’40s 139


Old-Fashioned Cream Pie 109
Old-Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies ’40s 126
Old-Fashioned Potato Salad-Grandmother Hardesty ’40s 66


Peach Cobbler Pie ’40s 116
Pie Crust 120
Pink Party Punch ’80s 134
Pot O’ Gold Carrots ’60s 42
Priscilla Fallon’s Mom Lillian Roberts ’40s Scalloped Oysters 154

Rebecca Bach Mom’s ’90s Crock Pot Macaroni & Cheese 162
Rhubarb Pie ’40s 118
Rush Matthew’s Mom, Mary’s, Rum Pie ’50s 168 


Seasoned French Green Beans ’50s 43
Senator Russell Sweet Potatoes ’50s 50
Seven Day Slaw ’60s 60
Seven-Minute Peanut Butter Fudge ’50s (and variations) 128
Shaker Lemon Pie My Way  114
Skillet Meat Loaf with Potato Wedges ’50s 37
Summer Squash Casserole ’70s 164
Sweet Breaded Tomatoes ’60s 46 


Velma Harper’s mom’s, Sloppy Joes ’50s 23
Viv’s Pork Chops with Mushroom and Onion Gravy 32


Wellness Meatloaf with Veggies Inside 14
Winter Tomato Aspic (a Southern Staple) Mother ’50s 70